Friday, July 23, 2010

Health gap in Britain "wider than in great depression"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

African Medical Corps launched by African Students of the Latin American School of Medicine

The Organization of African Doctors’ (OAD) African Medical Corps presents the Yaa Asantewaa Medical Brigade that will be dispatched to Ghana, West Africa from August 15 – September 5, 2010. This medical-research brigade will collaborate with Cuban doctors working in rural Ghana to conduct a baseline health assessment where access to healthcare and infant mortality rates present outliers far below the national statistics. The assessment will focus its investigation on the access to medical facilities in rural areas, community infrastructure, malnutrition, and infectious diseases; including HIV, AIDS and malaria that contribute to almost half of all deaths reported in Ghana (World Bank 2002; World Development Indicators Database 2003). Using a series of qualitative and ethnographic methods for data collection, the brigade will obtain a practical picture of the communities’ epidemiological profile that will include documenting the role of Traditional African Medicine (TAM) in primary care delivery. The Health Brigade, composed of medical students and professionals trained in Cuba, will work under the training of Cuban doctors stationed in the region in order to accurately evaluate the health status of the community. Students will participate in a critical praxis model that includes identification of an urgent problem, conducting research, developing a solution-based plan, implementing the plan, and evaluation the plan, in hopes to use the healthcare model developed in Ghana´s in other African communities with even greater disparities.

The Organization of African Doctors is a group of medical students and doctors founded in 2009 on the campus of the Latin American School of Medicine in Havana, Cuba with the goal of developing a new breed of African doctors, with a high level of discipline, consciousness, and dedication. The mission of OAD is to develop programs, projects and institutions with the objective of producing an organized, politically-conscious and socially-responsible medical body able to meet the needs of African people suffering from health related issues throughout the African World. The African Medical Corps, is the central program of OAD linking the ideological development of African doctors with the practical training necessary to meet the health needs of African people within our communities. OAD is composed of 160 students, interns, and residents trained in Cuba currently representing over 35 countries.

The African Medical Corps represents the best sons and daughters of Africa from around the world, united in our mission to expand our capacity to sustain Africa from the grasps of the healthcare crises that is confronting the continent. OAD’s commitment to service is the fundamental basis for the work that the Yaa Asantewaa Brigade will implement this summer 2010.