Sunday, May 10, 2009

Crisis Brings Opportunity: Building a Global Health Workforce

Crisis Brings Opportunity, by Robert Huish

"Amidst the current global financial crisis we face an enormous global health crisis that has left close to a billion people without any access to affordable health care. The inequality between those who can afford care and those who go without has never been worse. Consider that while Canada struggles to improve its ratio of one doctor for every 440 people, Malawi has only one physician for every 50,000 people. Despite predictions that global health inequity will worsen in a time of economic peril, we actually stand in front of a great opportunity to make the world healthier for all....A global health-care workforce offering much-needed care for billions, even if charging only pennies per patient, musters more economic potential, humanity and long-term strategic interests than any products currently on offer from Wall Street or Detroit."