Thursday, April 30, 2009

Health for All? A Critical Analysis of Public Health Policies in Eight European Countries

(2008) Christer Hogstedt, Henrik Moberg, Bernt Lundgren, Mona Backhans

"In recent years, a considerable number of countries have developed and implemented strategies aiming at reducing inequalities in health. However, knowledge of effective policies or strategies to reduce socioeconomic inequalities in health is still very fragmented. The aim of this book is to describe and compare different European health equity strategies and their potential successes.

The main part of the material comes from a comparative study of national public health strategies for equity in health with the following participating countries: Denmark, Finland, England, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden. National experts wrote the country chapters which not only cover questions concerning whether their countries were taking measures on the individual public health problems – such as smoking, alcohol or physical activity – but also if the policies had considered the wider, social determinants of health and experiences of the potential implementation processes."